Tospia restaurant won golden medal

Barbecue Festival in Armenia  was launched in 2008 in Lori region. Akhtala city has become the center of attention for many people who love to eat Armenian dishes, especially barbeque (khorovats). The aim of the Barbecuee festival in Armenia is showing and telling about Armenian traditional cuisine, and contributing the development of surrounding tourism.

At the festival, our skillful cooks made the castle out of the food and served in a plate of coal, providing a stable barbecue temperature, and during the entire festival, our guests enjoyed a range of barbecues made of fresh products. The best reward of our work was the warm words and smiles of our guests

Highlighting the preservation of the traditions of national cuisine, we welcome the "Pan-Armenian Barbecue Festival" and we are glad that Akhtala has become the International Barbecue Capital.